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How do the pads work?

elePads are made out of a special sticky polyurethane. Simply stick pad to a variety of surfaces and apply pressure. Allowing the pads to settle will allow the pads to bond better with surfaces.


What types of surfaces could the pads stick to?

The smoother, flatter, and harder the surface the better it will stick. The pads work great on desks, finished wood, most laminates, granite countertops, glass, etc.


How do you clean the pads? 

When the pad gets dirty or collects dust they're very simple to clean. Simply run the pads under tap water, rub them with your fingers, and let them completely air dry.  This will regain their stickiness. (Please make sure there is no water in the logo, any water will prevent the mount from working properly)


How often do I have to clean the pads?

It really depends how you use the mount. If you're sticking and unsticking your device from the mount very often, the pads will get dirtier quicker and will require more cleaning. If you use the mount carefully and apply the eleCaps when you're not using the mount, it will remain stickier longer.